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Breaking the Devil's Heart 

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Logic of Demons: The Quest for Nadine's Soul

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“Breaking The Devil's Heart is a must read for everyone

of creed, colour or nationality.”

- Urhobo Times of Nigeria

"It will linger long in your thoughts and force you to look at life

 and the afterlife from a different perspective."

-Fantasy Book Review

"Breaking the Devil's Heart is certainly a book of its own kind."

- The Sunday Leader of Sri Lanka

"The novel, no doubt, is a groundbreaking work of genius

- PM News of Nigeria

"Be prepared to be blown away by this story" - Fiction Books UK

"Fantastic characters and plenty of pauses for thought."

- The Bookbag UK

International and Domestic Newspaper and Blog Reviews
for Breaking the Devil's Heart by H. A. Goodman 

“A thoughtful spin of faith and the nature of good and evil,
Breaking the Devil's Heart is a strongly recommended pick for fantasy fiction collections.”

Midwest Book Review

This novel epitomizes colourful writing and an equally colourful plot…
The writer has used his very potent imagination to put in perspective,
his own views about life, the afterlife and the heaven/hell realms…
More than just a story, this is philosophy in fiction form.”

Weekend Post



"From kidnapping corporate demons and finding numerous ways to make them talk, to aligning themselves with gangster angels, Stewart and Layla travel between time to figure out the cause of evil and how it could be stopped and put Satan out of business for eternity. Breaking the Devil's Heart is certainly a book of its own kind.

The Sunday Leader of Sri Lanka

“It will linger long in your thoughts and force you to look at life (and the afterlife) from a different perspective…  I must say the book is unique and something I have not read before… And I’m glad that I had the opportunity to read and review it. The whole concept was well thought through and the scenes in Hell were vividly told. Goodman really sets himself apart with the unique story and throwing most of the religious and political views out of the door, I somehow feel that this won’t be the last that we heard of Goodman. And finally… Hell as a corporate bureaucratic institution… brilliant.”

Fantasy Book Review


“It is a fiction story well told that is hard to put down once you start reading… It also proves that good has always prevailed over evil no matter the enormity of evil… Goodman delves into a Satan’s unknown thoughts in always looking for opportunity to trade on the human soul. ”

The Nation


“To say that this book is one of a kind, is an understatement. Breaking The Devil’s Heart, is such a unique, imaginative and thought provoking premise for a story, that it is difficult to know where to start. There is definitely no formulaic or predictable storyline on offer here! For a fantasy enthusiast, be prepared to be blown away by this story and to have all your preconceived ideas about Heaven, Hell and the afterlife shattered.”

4/5 Stars

Fiction Books UK


“Like a knife through butter, H.A Goodman holds the reader spell bound on an inspiring adventure. The book, Breaking The Devil's Heart is a must read for everyone irrespective of creed, colour or nationality.”

Urhobo Times – Nigeria

Reviewed by Nigerian Journalist Brisibe Perez


“What makes Breaking The Devil’s Heart so arresting is the uncanny manner the writer treats a topic so ethereal and yet so real. It simply tells a story that is inspired by the belief that whatever happens in the physical comes from the spiritual. There is never a dull moment in the novel. The characters are well developed, distinct and rounder… The novel, no doubt, is a groundbreaking work of a genius.”

PM News Nigeria


“Goodman also probes meaty philosophical themes with sophistication, as his characters wrestle with the problem of evil and the blurry line separating right from wrong. Subversively, he suggests that evil may not be a demonic plot but just another name for human nature…
 Goodman’s cross between a detective novel and The Screwtape Letters makes for a stimulating read. A smart, entertaining take on eternal conundrums.”

Kirkus Reviews


“So yes, this book is really original, I don’t think I can make any comparisons with other novels I've read before, but it was a great pleasure to discover the H.A. Goodman ideas. Indeed, the book makes us think about many points, what is right or wrong, and a lot of things according to that. It also shows the cruelty of people, the things they can do when they’re selfish or when they don't realize the impact of their acts on others. It's pretty amazing.”

Between Dreams and Reality

4/5 Stars

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- In French: 


“It was a fabulous book that I absolutely couldn't put down... Breaking the Devil's Heart is unlike any other book I've read before. It has a unique plot and plenty of action to keep readers turning pages all day (or night) long. I absolutely could not put this book down. I recommend this to anyone simply looking for a fantastic new world to step into.”

5/5 Stars

The Bookshelf


love how the story unfolds and the pace keeps a steady level of action. And the storyline is one of the most unique ones out there! The idea that we are offered a formula to commit evil deeds is fascinating and the ins and outs of the whole operation of hell is treat to read about… The traveling and “flashbacks” of the characters was certainly a favorite aspect of mine… Definitely a novel to read if you like something different that makes you think.”

4/5 Stars

Sugar Snark


“Want to read something unique, compelling, and thought provoking? I recommend picking up a copy of Breaking The Devil’s Heart, you won't be disappointed! H.A. Goodman, I am definitely looking forward to the next installment in the Logic of Demon's series!”

Moonlight Gleam’s Bookshelf
5/5 Stars


“Breaking the Devil's Heart
 combines history and philosophy to make quite the brain bender.  It really made me think!  I dog-eared lots of pages with particularly poignant information… In trying to find balance between work and play, I would read 4 or 5 chapters every night before bed.  A lot of the time I was so tired, but didn't want to put it down!”

Kristen’s kNook

4/5 Stars 


“Breaking the Devil's Heart is a novel that takes you deep down the human essence and tries to find the source of human kindness and/or evilness … If you enjoy books that take you on a ride in a rollercoaster of emotions, a book that make you question yourself, with a well-built background and with a different approach to a theme common to all of us, this book is for you.”

4/5 Stars

Books Are My Way of Living


 “I didn't realize what I was getting into when I picked up Goodman's novel, Breaking the Devil's Heart...With an unconventional foundation, Breaking the Devil's Heart is unique and intriguing. I really liked the characters and thought that Goodman did an excellent job of testing Stewart and Layla's beliefs and love. The other characters are also well developed and really added depth to the good versus evil contemplation. Fast paced, at times witty and arcane, Breaking The Devil's Heart is a sensational, off-beat fantasy thriller that is well worth the read!”

4/5 Stars

Minding Spot


“What I really enjoyed was the world created by the author and how that world works...The author definitely spent a lot of time creating this world, adding details and making them interesting. As I reader, I really appreciate that... I enjoyed Breaking the Devil’s Heart and thought it was an interesting and fast-paced story, with good character, action and an intriguing concept.”

4/5 Stars

Library Mosaic


You could just take the book at face value and enjoy the fully-fleshed cast of characters, the dark comedy and the gloss of the plot. I liked the plain talking Layla, who tells it just as she sees it. And of course Franklin, the snobby British demon…  And the depiction of hell as a corporation with dodgy sales techniques and stultifying bureaucracy remains as fresh and as funny as ever…  Breaking the Devil's Heart has a fresh and interesting premise, a wide-ranging plot, some fantastic characters and provides plenty of pauses for thought.”

The Bookbag

4/5 Stars


“I have to admit that the idea of Hell being a bureaucracy appeals to me at a deep level…  The author really delves deeply into human behavior, often turning a quite unflattering spotlight upon our preconceptions… I enjoyed it, and I recommend it.”

5/5 Stars

Now is Gone Blog


“I was taken on a complete journey of laughter, tears, sorrow, triumph, and despair...I will definitely be recommending this book, and I’m anxious to pick up H A Goodman’s first book, Logic of Demons: The Quest For Nadine’s Soul. If it’s half as good as this one, I’ll be in for a treat.”

Simply Stacie.net


“This is a battle between heaven and hell like you've never heard of or imagined before…  Reading this book was like a good workout for the mind. It was very deep, incredibly thought provoking, as well as inspirational and motivating.”

Owl Read It


“You’ll just have to read it to believe it.”

4/5 Stars

Rabid Reads


“I hardly know where to begin with Breaking the Devil’s Heart, by H.A. Goodman… From the perspective of a somewhat objective reviewer I can recommend this book on its own merit as a novel and a fascinating story. Many readers will enjoy it greatly… Mr. Goodman has crafted a surprising tale of the supernatural full of unexpected twists and turns where nothing is as it seems… Many readers will find this to be an exciting read… it is one that will not soon be forgotten.”

Pastor Jeff’s Ramblings


“… I thoroughly loved Breaking the Devil's Heart.  Yes, that's right. I loved this book. I don't normally rate books because it's hard for me to figure out just what number a book falls under. With this, though, I'd happily rate it a 5/5... Breaking the Devil's Heart is an intellectual, yet exhilarating, ride through the afterlife... Breaking the Devil's Heart is one of the most unique, exciting, and thought-provoking books I've read in awhile. It's equal parts action and heart and would be fabulous on the big screen. I highly recommend you dive into this world!”

Shooting Stars Magazine

5/5 Stars


Goodman's approach works very well by keeping the narrative quite light-hearted and positive… it's an interesting read and one that offers some rich ideas. Perfect for anyone who wants to read about how different the afterlife could be.”

SF Book Reviews


“This is a deeply original novel, in more ways than one… it is a good book, with fascinating ideas propelling the story forward. I do recommend it to all lovers of paranormal mysteries and thrillers, and even to those of you who like to read things that are just a bit different.”

Carabosse’s Library


“Well the summary is right on the money when it says the book is unlike anything you've ever read! I couldn't agree more! I was not bored one bit throughout my reading. You will have no earthly idea how it's going to turn out. Goodman is super talented and has a great imagination!”

4/5 Stars

Book Worm Brandy


“I have never read anything like it… The story is very gripping and it's hard to put down. By the time I made it to the end of the novel I was awestruck and anxious to know what will happen next. If you are getting worn out on the whole vampires, werewolves, and faeries thing and you need to feast your eyes on something that is completely different from all that I definitely suggest you give this one a try!”

4/5 Stars

Intoxicated By Books


“Underneath the power, the time travel, the supernatural characters, is a heartbeat and a story that will stay with you long after you finish.”

Team Nerd Reviews

4/5 Stars


“What can I say about this book? … I seriously could not stop reading. It was so good. The main characters Stewart and Layla are an incredible team.” 

J’adore Happy Endings

4/5 Stars


“Breaking the Devil’s Heart is a creative, original, and intelligent novel. Mr. Goodman has given us a new definition of the afterlife ...Mr. Goodman has written a thought-provoking novel about the nature of good and evil, the necessity of personal responsibility for our actions, and the deepest flaws and triumphs of the human race. Opening up the doors on religion, society, and the root of all evil, Mr. Goodman has created a unique look at both life and the afterlife. Breaking the Devil’s Heart pulls no punches and is better for it – leaving the reader with a lasting impression and much to think about.”

4/5 Stars

Bibliophilic Book Blog


“I came to love the characters and also the whole idea for the book.  The plot was well written and thought out.  I thought the writing was great as far as leaving me feeling like I was understanding the book and the thoughts of the author.  It really is a book that makes you think about things while reading it.  It makes you look at real life in a whole new way too… I would recommend it to anyone looking for something different in their reading that will turn out to be a great addition to books they have read.”

4/5 Stars

Angles are Kids and Furkids Blog


“A uniquely imaginative read the likes of which I've never read before, Breaking The Devil's Heart is a thought provoking read for the individual reader and would make a great read for any readers group such is its potential for discussion.”

Pen and Paper


“Breaking The Devil’s Heart was really good. I couldn’t stop reading once I started. This is a book that was not only exciting to read but one that had me thinking about the afterlife. The book was not at all what I expected and the ending was definitely not what I expected.”

The Book Faery Reviews


“The idea that Hell is actually this huge, bureaucratic corporation was creatively constructed and thought-provoking. This idea was really brought to life by the world-building of this book, which was fantastic. From the actual offices of Hell to the dimensions created by Stewart and Layla's mind, I could really picture this twisted take on the afterlife.”  
Joie de Lire  

“I really can't assign a genre to this one.  It makes the reader think and question...The world building was very well done...The feature of this novel that I liked the most was the time travel that the characters experience..  This is one that stays with you for a long time.”

The Book Blurb


“This story was genuinely creative.  The characters were engaging and the plot simply extraordinary.  You're going to need your cerebrum for this book because it can get confusing ...the good kind.  The kind that will challenge you to think.  We could use that from time-to-time and this book will absolutely do that.  At least it did for me!”

Jinky is Reading


“This book is fascinating in so many ways, in particular in the way it makes you think... It’s also fascinating to see how this book examines the role of culture – and intolerance of other cultures – as the foundation of evil behind so much genocide... So this book has a huge amount of excellent, thoughtful positives. I would recommend buying and reading this book for that alone.”

Fangs for the Fantasy


“Breaking the Devils’ Heart is intriguing and you will find yourself debating the ideas behind this book if you are faithful to your religion. I found the idea that there are different faiths in Heaven interesting. The subject matter is also dark at times and really exposes the reality behind the ongoing war between Heaven and Hell for our very souls.

Gizmos Reviews


“The best and most intriguing part about this book was easily the world building... This was just an incredibly thought provoking take on the idea of the afterlife and the idea of evil. Filled with looks back into some of the darker times of mankind’s past, Heavenly game shows, some morally grey heroes, and interesting plot twists all make up a somewhat philosophical take on the afterlife.”

A World Of Make Believe


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H. A. Goodman is a former financial adviser and high school history teacher who grew up reading comic books and playing Dungeons & Dragons. In 2010, he combined his love for fantasy, science fiction and philosophy to write his debut novel, Logic of Demons: The Quest for Nadine's Soul. As a follow-up to Logic of Demons, H. A. created an even more provocative and thought provoking tale entitled Breaking the Devil's Heart. The latest novel is a whirlwind ride through the afterlife and a journey within the human psyche. The plot utilizes cultural mythology to highlight certain peculiarities of human nature tied inextricably to conflict. The story incorporates world history and a bizarre imagination to create a uniquely dystopian afterlife that is both amusing and frightening. With rave reviews popping up daily, Breaking the Devil's Heart is rapidly growing in popularity throughout the blogosphere. H. A. currently resides in Los Angeles and no longer plays Dungeons & Dragons, although he still loves comic books. 
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