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41 Republican Senators Voted Against a Landmark Veterans
Bill in February, Today They Blame he VA

The "Perfect Crime" In America Is Killing An Unarmed Black Man And Claiming Self-Defense

ISIS Atrocities in Iraq Represent the Catastrophic Failure

of Bush Doctrine and Neoconservative

Foreign Policy

The Hobby Lobby Decision Makes 'Religious Freedom' A Euphemism For Imposing Religious Doctrine. America Should Beware.

Legalizing Marijuana Should Be a Top National Security Objective: Terrorism and Border Instability Would Diminish


It's Immoral for Hamas to Use Human Shields and Immoral for Israel to Bomb Human Shields.

God Gave Duck Dynasty Phil Robertson to Democrats. Thank You, Lord, for This Gift.


I Support Israel, but Bombing Palestinian Civilians in Gaza Is Morally Reprehensible and Must End


Spending $49 Billion On a 'Secure Border' Because of Tea Party Prejudice Is Folly


Dear Tea Party, America's Addiction to Illegal Drugs and Cheap Labor Causes Illegal Immigration


Ronald Reagan and George W. Bush Totaled 672 Executive Orders. Obama has 182. Boehner's Lawsuit Is Frivolous


What Gun Advocates Should Remember: You'll Never Overthrow The Government and It Isn't Scared of You


After Iraq, Afghanistan, and Vietnam, We Must Never Again Wage Counterinsurgency Wars and Urban Combat

Run, Ted Cruz, Run! Hillary Clinton and the Democrats Need You


America Will Be a Stronger Nation When Gay Marriage and Marijuana Are Legalized Nationally


We Sent Americans to Fight In Afghanistan; Blaming Bergdahl Doesn't Absolve Us Of Guilt


The Cost Benefit Analysis of Climate Change Legislation: Future Generations Will Thank You


If Bush Is a War Criminal, Then So Are Truman, LBJ, Nixon and Obama


Would McCain or Romney Have Acted Differently From Obama Regarding Today's World Events? Absolutely Not.


Conservative Women Also Use Birth Control: The Hobby Lobby Decision Hurts All Women


Dear Tea Party, Illegal Immigrants Benefit Our Nation. Blocking Reform Hurts Everyone.


Firing Shinseki Will Not Solve the Problem of an Underfunded VA


Sen. Richard Burr and Republicans Voted For the $160 Billion F-22 and Iraq and Afghanistan Wars, Yet Bemoan VA Budget


Would McCain or Romney Have Acted Differently From Obama Regarding Today's World Events? Absolutely Not.


If Republicans Hated War Like They Hate Obamacare, There Wouldn't Be an Iraq Debacle


As Stories of Bergdahl's Torture Surface, The Case of Rumsfeld As War Criminal Grows

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