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Why Martin O'Malley and Elizabeth Warren Can Beat Any Republican, Including Walker, Bush, Paul and Cruz

Why Barry Bonds Should Be a First Ballot Hall of Famer

What if Dick Cheney, not Hillary Clinton, Deleted 30,000 Emails from a Private Server?

Why Racist Tweets and Frat Songs Elicit Greater Outrage than 39% of Black Children in Poverty

The Answer To Hillary Clinton's 'Emailgate':

Vote Senator Elizabeth Warren in 2016

'SNL's' Skit Did More to Defeat ISIS Than Any Bombing Campaign (MSNBC 's The Last Word With Lawrence O'Donnell appearance discussed this piece) 

Fox Should Be 'Fair and Balanced' and Suspend Bill O'Reilly For Being in a 'War Zone'

10 Reasons Why America Should Let Others Destroy ISIS and END Perpetual Military Involvement In Iraq

How Jon Stewart Turned Conservative Lies Into Groundbreaking Comedy and Enlightened a Generation

6,845 Americans Died and 900,000 Were Injured in Iraq and Afghanistan. Say 'No' to Obama's War

Why Marshawn Lynch is a Great Role Model for America's Youth and a Scandal-Ridden NFL

Eric Garner's Only Crime Was Indignation. He Should Be Alive Today.

No, Schmuley Boteach, It's Not Alright For Bibi to Offend Obama

Why God-Fearing Social Conservatives and Politically Correct Liberals 'Are Not' Charlie Hebdo

Every Time Conservatives Mention Benghazi in 2015, Liberals Should Remind Them of September 11, 2001

Why is Katie Couric Giving Stephen Collins a Forum to Defend Sexual Abuse?

Elizabeth Warren: An Honest and Courageous Woman in a Cowardly and Centrist Democratic Party

Eric Garner's Death was Legal in the United States. America Killed Him, Not Police

Three Reasons Why Black Men Should Openly Carry A Gun After Trayvon, Ferguson, and John Crawford

Look at These Injury Photos of Darren Wilson. Did Michael Brown Really Possess "Hulk Hogan" Strength

An Urgent Letter To Hillary Clinton. Tell America Your Views On Race, Darren Wilson, and Ferguson

I Applaud Hillary for Visiting Ferguson and Meeting Al Sharpton. Oh Wait, That Was Rand Paul

5 Reasons Liberals Tired of War Should Vote For Rand Paul Over Hillary Clinton

I'm a Liberal Democrat. I'm Voting for Rand Paul in 2016. Here is Why

Why President Rand Paul Will Keep America Safer Than Bush, Obama, and Hillary Clinton

Don't Claim to Support The Troops If You Agree With Obama Sending 3,100 Soldiers Back To Iraq

Why a Republican Controlled Congress Is Great For Hillary Clinton and President Obama

The 'Stop Bill Maher' UC Berkeley Petition is How Islamists, Not Liberals, Promote Free Speech

The Quarantine of Nurse Kaci Hickox Epitomizes A Paranoid Society

If ISIS Had Committed the 11 School Shootings Since Sandy Hook, Congress Would Have Declared War

If (When) Baghdad Falls, Keep American Soldiers Away From The Mess Created By Bush And Obama

The Mt. Everest Of Pettiness: Gov. Rick Scott, 'Fan-gate' and The Farce of Fairness

Leaving The GOP Gov. Huckabee? Great, Take the Other Anti-Gay Republicans With You. 

The Geopolitics of Oil Promotes Islamic Fundamentalism. Ben Affleck's Political Correctness Doesn't. Tell Sam Harris. 

Want To Destroy ISIS? Deny Weapons To Saudi Arabia Until Women Can Vote And Drive

Why Ben Affleck Is Right, Bill Maher Is Wrong, and Sam Harris Is Jaded About Islam

Only Fascist And Communist Dictatorships Alter History To Promote 'Patriotism."

On 9/11, Osama Bin-Laden Set A Trap To Lure America Into Perpetual War. Is He Winning? 

Imagine A Yankees Fan Forced To Root For The Red Sox. That's Obama's ISIS Strategy

Don't Blame Multiculturalism and Islam for ISIL and Terrorism

5 Dirty Little Secrets Every American Should Know About Obama's ISIS Strategy

SATIRE: ISIS Isn't Alone. The Case For U.S. Ground Troops Anywhere Terror Exists In The World

4,486 American Soldiers Have Died In Iraq. President Obama Is

Continuing a Pointless and Deadly Quagmire

Of The 17,891 Deaths From Terrorism Last Year, 19 Were American. Let Iraqis Fight ISIS. 

SATIRE: Want To Destroy ISIS? Congress Should Implement The Draft And Raise Taxes Immediately

Iraq's Army Has 250,000 Troops. Europe Has Eurofighter Typhoons. U.S. Soldiers Have Done Enough Against ISIS. 

ISIS Is Beheading Journalists To Lure America Into Another Ground War. Remember the Iraq War's Lessons. 

John Stewart's 'Daily Show' Represents The Best In Jewish American Thought And True Support For Israel 

How Does Wilson Fire Six Shots, While Getting Beaten, Without Gunshot Residue On Michael Brown?

The 'Perfect Crime' In America Is Killing An Unarmed Black Man and Claiming Self-Defense

The Real Reasons Many White People Can't Empathize With Ferguson, Racial Disparities, Or Black Suffering

Ferguson And Race From White America's Perspective, If It Switched Places With Black America

Ferguson Resulted From Republican Talking Points That Ignore The Economic Segregation Of Blacks In America

Vladimir Putin Is Watching Ferguson Detain Journalists With Militarized Police. We Look Like Hypocrites. 

If Tryavon Martin, Eric Garner, and Michael Brown Were White, Would The Tea Party Declare Tyranny?

America Runs The Risk Of Ground Troops If President Obama Fails To Save Iraq From ISIS

ISIS Atrocities In Iraq Represent The Catastrophic Failure of Bush Doctrine And Neoconservative Foreign Policy

Despite The 'War on Whites' Tea Party Paranoia, 85 Percent of Congress and 69% of Obama's Administration Is White

Tea Party Hatred Of Obama Has Always Been About Race - 'War on Whites' Philosophy Confirms This

I Support Israel, But The Bombing Palestinian Civilians In Gaza Is Morally Reprehensible And Must End

Republicans Sink To A New Low By Stalling A Well-Deserved Resolution Honoring Pope Francis

​It's Immoral For Hamas To Use Human Shields And Immoral For Israel To Bomb Human Shields

Which View Of Christianity Does The Supreme Court's Hobby Lobby Defend? What About Shariah Law?

The Hobby Lobby Decision Makes 'Religious Freedom' A Euphemism For Imposing Religious Doctrine. 

Would McCain Or Romney Have Acted Differently From Obama Regarding Today's World Events? Absolutely Not. 

America Will Be A Stronger Nation When Gay Marriage And Marijuana Are Legalized Nationally 

Spending $49 Billion On A 'Secure Border' Because of Tea Party Prejudice Is Folly

Legalizing Marijuana Should Be A Top National Security Objective: Terrorism And Border Instability Would Diminish

​Dear Tea Party, America's Addiction To Illegal Drugs And Cheap Labor Causes Illegal Immigration

​When Conservatives Engage In Homophobia and Islamophobia, And Then Evoke Nazi Analogies, Hitler Smiles Gleefully In Hell

​Desperate Children Are At Our Borders Seeking Asylum. Immigration Reform Should Allow Them To Stay. 

​Conservative Women Also Use Birth Control. The Hobby Lobby Decision Hurts All Women. 

​Ronald Reagan And George Bush Totaled 672 Executive Orders. Boehner's Lawsuit Is Frivolous. 

The Tea Party Should Split From Republicans And Form America's Third Political Party

​An Angry Tea Party And Vocal Ted Cruz Prove America Is Becoming More Liberal 

​President Hillary Clinton Would Be Far More Conservative Than You Think 

​Neocons Should Be Held Criminally Liable For Failed Iraq War Predictions And Damages To Our Country

​After Iraq, Afghanistan, And Vietnam, We Must Never Again Wage Counterinsurgency Wars

​Imagine If Bill O'Reilly Said Robert Bergdahl 'Looked Like A Jew'

​What Gun Advocates Should Remember: You'll Never Overthrow The Government And It Isn't Scared Of You

​If Republicans Hated War Like They Hate Obamacare, There Wouldn't Be An Iraq Debacle

Elizabeth Warren, Not Hillary Clinton, Should Be The Next President Of The United States 

Where Were Bergdahl Detractors During The Pat Tillman And Jessica Lynch Cover-ups In The Bush Years

Dear Tea Party, Illegal Immigrants Benefit Our Nation. Blocking Reform Hurts Everyone. 

As Stories of Bergdahl's Torture Surface, The Case Of Rumsfeld As War Criminal Grows

​Run, Ted Cruz, Run! Hillary Clinton And The Democrats Need You. 

​Thousands Of Prisoners Have Been Exchanged By Israel, Columbia, And Others. Someone Tell Rand Paul. 

​We Sent Americans To Fight In Afghanistan. Blaming Bergdahl Doesn't Absolve Us Of Guild. 

​General McChrystal Says, 'We Don't Leave Americans Behind.' Bergdahl Critics Should Listen. 

​Just Say What You Mean Republicans: "Sgt. Bergdahl Should Have Died In Captivity"

​"Victory For Us Is To See You Suffer" Republicans Should Remember This When Criticizing Prisoner Swaps

​We Should Have Traded All Of Guantanamo And Sold Weapons To Iran To Get Sgt. Bergdahl Home Sooner

44 Republicans Voted Against Time Between Troop Deployments. Suicides Skyrocketed. Why?

God Gave Duck Dynasty Phil Robertson To Democrats. Thank You, Lord, For This Gift

​If Bush Is A War Criminal, Then So Are Truman, LBJ, Nixon, And Obama

Sen. Richard Burr and Republicans Voted For The $160 Billion F-22 And Iraq And Afghanistan Wars, Yet Bemoan VA Budget 

Joe The Plumber (an Auto Union Member) Might Become The Next Cliven Bundy If Republicans Deem Him A Liability

Obama Isn't Weak, He's Simply Emulating Reagan

The Republican Strategy Against Hillary Clinton For 2016

41 Republican Senators Voted Against A Landmark Veterans Bill In February. Today They Blame The VA

Michael Sam Represents A Welcomed Evolution Of America's Notion Of Masculinity 

​Firing Shinseki Will Not Solve The Problem Of An Underfunded VA

The Cost Benefit Analysis Of Climate Change Legislation: Future Generations Will Thank You

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Obama justified

Brighton-Pittsford Post, Wane County Post

Do We Really want another Cold War?

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Discussing Ferguson and Race in America

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